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Question: as a Dallas photographer, what kind of camera do you use?

Answer: I use the Samsung s22 Ultra camera phone

Question: why do you chose to use a camera phone?

answer: I always believed in the science behind camera phones. but beyond the vast world of phone photography, I want to set an example of the possibilities of entrepreneurship. I want to show people you can be successful with just the tools in your pocket


Question: but isn't phone photography inferior to bigger more expensive cameras?

Answer: the honest truth is no. we are finally in a time where phones and major cameras are on the same field, not to mention the way we view media has not caught up to the potential quality of even phones.

Question: what if a client wants a shoot in 8k or use there photographs in a magazine?

Answer: I can definitely shoot in 8k but the large majority of people don't have 8k tv. and even those that do have 8k monitors usually don't have many ways of viewing 8k footage. even YouTube highest resolution is 4k. as far as photography everything will definitely come out clear as expected if not better. and thanks to A.I upscaling I can even scale an image to look clear on the biggest of billboards and banners

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